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Affordable Dentures in
Dacula, Georgia

For affordable, high-quality dentures in Dacula, Georgia, call our caring dental team at Advanced & Family Dentistry today!

Affordable Dentures in Dacula GA

Tooth loss presents major challenges, including difficulty chewing, speaking and smiling. From a cosmetic standpoint, the issue can ruin a smile. And if tooth loss is left untreated, it leads to facial structure loss, jawbone deterioration, bite imbalances and shifting teeth. For these reasons, it is important to visit an experienced and knowledgeable dentist to deal with tooth loss.

Fortunately, dentures can correct most issues associated with tooth loss. Dentures are natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. They are placed in the mouth over the gums to give the user the appearance and function of natural teeth. There are several types of dentures available, and they can be removable or permanently secured.

Fixed Dentures

In order to have fixed dentures, you will first need minor surgery to place dental implants, which are screw-like appliances that act a replacement tooth roots. Fixed dentures are attached to the dental implants and remain secure at all times. Once they have been placed, fixed dentures can be cared for just like natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable, but while they are in the mouth, they provide the user with the appearance and function of regular teeth. Dentures will grip tightly around the jawbone and dental arch, and they will use suction to stay in place. Traditional dentures are taken out of the mouth to sleep and for cleaning purposes. We build our traditional dentures from high-quality materials to help ensure that they provide great performance and last as long as possible.

Denture Stabilization

Removable dentures with denture stabilization implants are the perfect middle-ground for some patients. These utilize a surgically-implanted metal stabilization framework. This is placed in one minor surgical procedure. Dentures are attached to the framework, but they can still be taken out of the mouth for easy cleaning and then quickly reinserted for general use.

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Kelly F.

Love the remodel of the office and all of the updated technology they have! Beautiful office and such a great team of warm, kind people to care for you!

Amy P.

The office is beautiful, the staff was so friendly and Dr. Patel is great! I would highly recommend this office!

Gina J.

Beautiful office and friendly staff. Highly recommend. I will definitely be telling my Dacula/Hamilton Mill friends about Advanced Family Dentistry. Dr Patel is very patient in explaining the procedures and has a gentle hand in dentistry.
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