Debunking the Most Common Myths About Dental Implants

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Nowadays, the most popular solution for patients suffering from tooth loss is dental implants. Compared to other dental restorations, the said service offers undeniable advantages that many people find highly favorable. However, it is still easy for those who do not know much about the said dental procedure to misunderstand how it is done. It can even cause them to ignore the treatment altogether, causing them to miss out on the benefits it offers.

The most common reasons why people have a negative perception of the service is the misconceptions floating around it. Instead of making patients feel at ease in undergoing the procedure, these myths cause them to think twice in doing so. So, to clear things out about dental implants, we at Advanced & Family Dentistry have prepared a list of myths with its corresponding facts! Continue reading below to know more.

dental implant

Myth #1: The recovery time is too long

Most people choose not to undergo a dental implant procedure because they think that it will take too long for them to heal. However, what they do not know is, the timeframe of two to six months is when the implant post is fusing with the jawbone. This bond formed secures a more stable and secure placement of prosthesis while strengthening the jawbone.

Myth #2: Implant restorations are hard to maintain

Contrary to what most people believe, dental implants are actually very easy to care for. Unlike other prosthesis, patients no longer have to purchase special creams or solutions to keep them clean. Performing regular oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, and rinsing would suffice.

Myth #3: They often fall out on their own

There are rarely any reports of dental implants that are failing to bond with the bone or falling out. The truth is, the success of the treatment is said to be more than 95%. Meaning, it can serve as a reliable tooth replacement unless the material used is incompatible for a particular patient.

Myth #4: Senior patients are not good candidates for dental implants

One can never be too old for dental implants, but someone can be too young. Only those patients who do not have a fully developed jawbone are deterred from undergoing the treatment.

Myth #5: The procedure is painful

Although the placement of the implant posts requires surgery, the use of modern dentistry techniques made it minimally invasive. Furthermore, there are sedation dentistry options available to make patients feel more at ease and relaxed throughout the whole process.

With all these myths exposed, are you now willing to give Dental Implants in Dacula, GA a go? If yes, then we at Advanced & Family Dentistry got you covered! Call or visit us to book an initial consultation.